Application Form

Do you want to sign up for the second edition of the Slow Wine Fair?
  • The company that wishes to participate must be aligned with the selection criteria identified by the Slow Food Manifesto for Good, Clean and Fair Wine, collectively drawn up by technicians, professionals, producers and consumers who are part of the Slow Wine Coalition. Signing the Manifesto and adhering to its principles, the company becomes part of the Slow Wine Coalition: the network of producers, professionals and consumers who share the same idea of wine.
  • The application for Slow Wine Fair 2023 will be submitted to evaluation. The Slow Wine Fair reserves the right to contact the candidate companies for additional information on production and sampling request.
  • Companies that had a positive opinion will receive, starting from October, the credentials to complete the membership and register for the Slow Wine Fair 2023.
The participating companies will be involved in the encounters and exchange moments within the Event to make it ours, together!
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